Are you Struggling?

Let’s face it, unless we are selling well, or at least reasonably well, we are struggling. How do we know we are struggling? The boss is on our back, we get a hard time in sales meetings, our sales cycles keep stalling, prospects aren’t calling back and it seems a long time since the last bonus payment.

Perhaps we also start to feel a little envious of colleagues who are making money, we notice that our car seems to be a bit outdated and we feel bad that we can’t treat the family to that luxury holiday. We seem to be missing out on that big sales party.

Know the feeling?

There are of course many reasons; the market is down, the competition is tearing us apart, our products aren’t good enough, our prices are too high, marketing doesn’t give us enough leads. Or perhaps, just perhaps, we are being outsold.

Now that is a hard one to swallow, no one likes to feel it is their fault; that they are somehow not quite good enough and the competitors’ sales people are just that bit better.

So we have some choices; we can whinge a bit more, wait for things to get better, or we could go for the harder option i.e. accept our faults, take control and do something about it. It may be that despite taking this action things don’t get better, but at least we will have improved ourselves and will do better selling somewhere else.

That is what Sellevation and stopping the struggle is about; accepting that we can do better and being prepared to invest in ourselves to get there.

It’s about having our own personal plan of action and just getting on with it. Of course this won’t work for everyone –those in denial, too lazy, too proud or those that just don’t have sufficient motivation to make a better life for themselves.

But this isn’t for them, it’s for you. It’s for you because you are willing to take control and put in the work, because you want the good things a successful sales career brings and you want to stop the struggle.